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Do it Right. Keep it Light!

Inspired by the simplicity of campfire cooking and outdoor grilling, Lily River Foods brings delicious flavor, convenience and ease of preparation to you in a great new line of products. We believe cooking should be fun, enjoyable and deliciously rewarding, especially when it is kept basic and simple.

It is in this tradition of simplicity that we have created Lily River Foods. My wife and I grew up in the midwest with a weekly Friday fish fry. Fishing has always been a favorite pastime and a fish fry with family and friends is a routine social event. We developed a fish breading recipe in our home kitchen that not only complimented, but truly enhanced the flavor of fish and made preparation fast and easy. It became wildly popular with family and friends so we put it in a package and made it available for everyone.

Since then, we have done countless food cooking demonstrations all over the country showing how easy it can be to make fantastic meals and appetizers while keeping it simple. We have listened to our customers and have created a variety of breading for all tastes and styles of cooking. Lily River breadings are light versatile and can be used on any type of seafood, vegetables, chicken, pork, beef or wild game.

If you are a backyard chef, sportsmen or someone who just loves to cook, give our products a try and you will be amazed how delicious simple can be. Looking for meal and appetizer ideas? Most of our recipes are thirty minutes or less.

If you enjoy beer batter you are going to want to try our new fish batter recipe.

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